Our Services

KCI operates a licensed cannabis manufacturing facility that creates and fills cannabis-infused beverages and capsules, and fills cannabis vaping cartridges, featuring medical-grade aluminum containers.


If you want to bring your edible idea from seed to shelf, you need a team with the right equipment, facilities, and expertise.

Kingston Cannabis Inc. is your end-to-end solution. Through our network of companies, we can produce high quality and customized aluminum packaging for your cannabis products.

You have options to supply your own ingredients from approved sources or work with us to create your own recipes. We can also fill your vaping cartridges in either 0.5ml or 1ml sizes.

Our facility currently has the capacity to produce and fill 80,000 drink bottles of up to 500ml, 500,000 liquid capsules, or 5,000 vaping cartridges per day. Capsules and beverages may be ordered to a maximum of 10mg of nano-emulsified THC and a near limitless amount of other cannabinoids as necessary per unit.


Our medical-grade aluminum packaging is the perfect solution for your cannabis product. By using an inert metal like aluminum, your pharmaceutical ingredients are protected and maintained to stated potencies.

Your beverages can be packaged into custom bottles using our patent protected bottle making process and decorated with a custom label that accentuates your creative design and protects your brand.

Our attractive metal packaging options use no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and uses one third the natural gas and electricity than a traditional line, reducing our overall environmental impact.

You can also feel good about giving your customer an aluminum package, knowing that research has shown customers are also more likely to recycle a metal container than a plastic one.


KCI holds a Canadian Cannabis Processing License and our products may be sold across Canada and internationally in countries that have a legal medical or recreational market. Our food grade facility is ready to begin manufacturing and distributing your brand and ideas.

Succeeding in the local and global micro and macro cannabis markets, both recreationally and medically, require more than just the right product. It takes a team with a familiarity of naturopathy, regulatory standard operating procedures, and appropriate security clearances.

The KCI team has helped launch one of Australia’s leading cannabis firms and can provide the expertise to help your product launch succeed both in Canada and around the world.